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final cut daft punk vid update

6 Jun

i’m having trouble syncing the audio and the video in final cut, so the project still isn’t complete.   basically, i have the rendering set to ‘on the fly’ or whatever it’s called so that i don’t have to re-render (an hour-long process) every time i make a tiny edit.   but the frame rate slows down when i’m doing this, i guess because i  have multiple video streams going at once.  at the slower frame rate i don’t have the granularity to tell if the sync is good.     soooo, basically i have to render export the session (another process that takes an hour)  to create a consolidated video file of some kind that can play back at a higher frame rate.   but i have to do this whole process again and again  with every nudge , until i get the sync right.   omg.  there has to be a better way!