Cello Lessons



Brendan teaches remote cello lessons via Zoom, and in-person lessons in the “cello garden” at his home at 6951 N. Ridge Blvd in Rogers Park.

Rates are $80/hr.  Most younger students take weekly half-hour lessons at $40.  Fifteen minute web-based lessons are also available.


IMG_20170912_0810440007th grade cello student

Thank you very much for helping Oarin get his feet off the ground….A change that was noticeable to me in his enthusiasm, instinct, and ear for playing and listening has come about since he started working with you, not to mention his overall skill.  So glad he has such a respectable person as yourself to work with and feel comfortable around….


The music was played beautifully and the experience was divine! Thank you for each and every note! Best of luck in your future of teaching and artistry.  It was a pleasure to work with you….

Former colleague


8th grade student art

You make playing the violin fun.  During class you always have an astonishing amount of energy and patience and it is always good to start off the morning by laughing at the jokes you and Joanna make.  Whenever anyone in orchestra has an idea or suggestion you actually listen to it and take it into consideration.  Thank you for teaching us how to play lovely music and for being the awesome teacher that you are! 🙂

–High school orchestra student