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workin in final cut -.-

18 Jun

ugh.  well, this youtube guy explains the problem.  the kodak zi8 records with a codec that’s not really supported in final cut express.  thus the 45 minutes of re-rendering every time i make the tiniest edit.  i thought the allure of the apple os was the personal serenity achievable in the absence of such ‘windows’ problems.  oh the bait and switch.  and of course kodak wants to sell me a solution.   first tragedy, then farce.


final cut daft punk vid update

6 Jun

i’m having trouble syncing the audio and the video in final cut, so the project still isn’t complete.   basically, i have the rendering set to ‘on the fly’ or whatever it’s called so that i don’t have to re-render (an hour-long process) every time i make a tiny edit.   but the frame rate slows down when i’m doing this, i guess because i  have multiple video streams going at once.  at the slower frame rate i don’t have the granularity to tell if the sync is good.     soooo, basically i have to render export the session (another process that takes an hour)  to create a consolidated video file of some kind that can play back at a higher frame rate.   but i have to do this whole process again and again  with every nudge , until i get the sync right.   omg.  there has to be a better way!