New Cello?

I tried out a couple instruments yesterday at Dixon Strings (Thanks Chris!) in their awesome new studio overlooking the lake.  They’ve combined forces with Elizabeth Stein in the Fine Arts Builidng.  There were some nice cellos, but I’ve do some comparison shopping. 

Later, trying to set my soundpost myself (it has a penchant for migration), I knocked it over.  Again.  At A440, the luthier mentioned that my bridge was very odd.  I told him that I was looking for a new instrument due to my current cello’s worn-out fingerboard, and the prohibitive cost of cutting/planing a new one.  He suggested I replace my odd bridge first, and offered to remove my fingerboard and alter the angle of the neck, canting it backwards, which would effectively raise the fingerboard angle when it is re-attached.  So, I’m having work done on the old instrument, again.

I do really like my Doetsch, it just usually sounds kind of off.  But I trust this luthier since A440 both sells and repairs instruments, and yet he seemed confident he could improve the condition and playability of the Doetsch to the point where I wouldn’t need a new cello. 

Fingers crossed.

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