New Ensembles and Bands

6 Nov

I’ve been sitting in with two groups recently, having  a lot of fun.  One is AJP.   Alexander makes simple, solid rock songs.  The tunes are fun to play, and harmony vocals + cello make take them to the next level, I do believe.   At my first show with them last week we covered “Sound of Silence”.   Cello like candy.

The other band is The Paver.  They’re awesome.  The music is loud, crunchy and a little complicated.  4/4 is few and far between.  It’s great for me, since my default cello mode is not “rhythm-oriented” per se.    Bass/Vocal, Violin/Keys/Vocal,  Drums, Cello.    Stay tuned for a show in January.


One Response to “New Ensembles and Bands”

  1. hoidis November 6, 2010 at 11:11 pm #

    Everybody like candy. You’re totally amazing!

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