String Session

Big cello day for me.   3rd Grade beginners, followed by 4th Graders learning the basics of note-reading, then a couple private lessons after school.  Then a fun second String Session  at Soapbox.   A couple new folks came out, so we had  3 celli, 2 violins, and 1  multi-instrumentalist.   Nate brought a bunch of effects processors and we tried some of those out with the Yamaha and his Fishman-equipped acoustic cello (+ preamp).   Of particular note were the bright green phase shifter and envelope filter pedals.    Ira also showed us some pretty cool fiddle-inspired techniques on cello, like a rhythmic bow-hand chop that I’ve got to work on now!



2 thoughts on “String Session

  1. Brendan F Post author

    the chop isn’t too hard at all! it just takes a day or two to figure out the right bow angle — where it’s not falling out of your hand all the time!


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