I’m lovin’ it.   I’ve only been experimenting for three days, but I’m pretty much sold.   Audiomulch 2.1.1 for Windows 7. As an audio-editor/daw , it’s got a couple things going for it that I really like.  One, it’s super-lightweight,  similar to the old cool-edit pro in that sense.  (14mb install file!) Two is the awesome patcher interface, where you can graphically route signals from generators and file-loopers through filters, processors and mixers and then to an audio out.

It’s got a simple pattern editor for drums and “basslines”, but unlike FL Studio the workflow is straightforward.  The process of creating a pattern, applying effects and filters and then automating it is almost totally intuitive.  (The exception being the automation, which is still a little weird for me).

Like Ableton, AudioMulch is designed for live use, according to the documentation.   My brief experience with Ableton was that it was almost *too* powerful as a looping tool.  The beat-mapping/stretching tool was so powerful it was encouraging me to do stupid stuff.  (Hey, I can mix the first 64 bars of this Beethoven String Quartet with the beat from this new Drake track, and then drop Deerhunter samples over top!!).  Stupid stuff.

Plus, Ableton’s layout/workflow still seems a little disorienting.

Anyway, AudioMulch is awesome.







1 thought on “AudioMulch.

  1. Ross Bencina

    Thanks for the props. Feel free to drop me an email and let me know about the difficulties you’re having with the automation — i’ll be working to improve it soon. — Ross B.


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