Orange Mighty Trio in Casual Concert

Caught an inspiring show tonight in the intimate setting of nowhere other than the “Eurythmy Room”  at the Chicago Waldorf  School.   Zack Kline (fiddle) set a conversational tone, inviting questions from the many younger students in the audience.   Nick and Mike (bass and keys) helped field the questions that seemed to come mostly from the adults in attendance.

The Minneapolis-based Orange Mighty Trio played with both  virtuosity and depth, changing it up between the technically demanding and the slow and hauntingly beautiful.   A slow waltz in the middle of the set was particularly moving — the spare chords reminiscent of Copland.    The majority of the songs performed were the trio’s own — written democratically according to Zack — with all members contributing a few tunes.

I’m looking forward to Orange Mighty’s return to Chicago in the spring, and we’ll hopefully see them at Soapbox then for a 48 Volts profile!

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