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Bow Hold Video Series

I’ve been meaning to make bow hold videos for beginning cello students ever since I began taking remote students. These videos will work well for both remote students and as a technique builder for in-person students. Following along the videos with your dowel or pencil at home is a great way to warm up at the beginning of your regular daily practice session.

The first video in the series is Cello Bow Hold Video #1: Pre-Dowel Exercises. These exercises help students form a mental archetype of a relaxed, agile and balanced hand, prior even to work with a dowel or a pencil. Practice Notes for the first four videos in the series are available for download here.

Videos 2-4 are available here:

Cello Bow Hold Video #2: Dowel + Caveman Exercises

Cello Bow Hold Video #3: Dowel + Knee Bow Hold Exercises

Cello Bow Hold Video #4: Dowel + Knee Bow Hold + Cello

Thanks Synthtopia!

The Chromawheel project got a nice writeup in Synthtopia. Chromawheel Music Compass allows students to play with music theory in a unique, tactile way, and to see how music works.


Oh Shenandoah Arrangement

I made an arrangement for my middle school string orchestra of one of my favorite folk songs of all time, Oh Shenandoah.  It’s from around the time of the American Civil War, and the lyrics are beautiful.  I recorded a demo of the recording for cello quartet in case the students wanted to hear it.  The photo is from Lake Onalaska, about 5 hours north of Chicago in Wisconsin.

Download the sheet music here.