great blog for cello technique!

Check out Jamie Fiste’s website,  

Jamie was also a student of Laurien Laufman’s in Champaign, and like her approaches cello technique in the style of Janos Starker.  Jamie’s analyses of cello mechanics are very thorough and thoughtful.  I particularly like the attention he gives to tension-free playing. 

I’ve been dealing with the issue of a weak left hand pinky recently, so I can appreciate his approach to the ‘slanted’ vs. ‘box’ left hand problem.  I agree that the solution lies in fluid rotation of the arm and elbow and a rebalancing of the hand, so that the more powerful upper-arm and back muscles stay engaged when the pinky plays.  

Coincidentally, I’m finally getting around to reading some Strings magazines that Billie gave me, and there’s a little write-up of the same issue in one.  The article recommends using a kinesthetic visualization technique similar to one used by athletes.  Essentially, you transfer the sense/feeling of power in your first and second fingers to your fourth.  

Pinky Power: my practice goal for the week! 




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