Building a pedal board

I already own all the required transformers, including a line6 one that outputs 2000ma for the dl4, so I decided to build a board, rather than buy one.  Mostly because store bought boards seem to all include an inadequate pedal board power transformer. ( None of the pedal board transformers I’ve looked at provide 2000ma, recommended for the dl4).   The problem is that all the transformers are bulky, so ideally they won’t be on top of the pedal board.  I’d like to put them to the rear, as with my current design they won’t fit underneath either.   The outlets on power strips unfortunately typically aren’t transformer-spaced, so I bought this weird octopus one from mendards for 8 bucks, but it looks like it’s too bulky as well.  I think this power strip *might* allow me to get 4 transformers on the back side of the board, which is my current plan.  I’m going to go check out more power strip options at micro center in an hour.   I have a lot of requirements: vertical outlets,  sub-24-inches, transformer spacing.   I’m using wide velcro,  and the tacks aren’t working so I’ll switch them out for staples, since the staples also take up less valuable velcro space.

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