I’m making a cello scale book

Yep.   I’ve never found a scale book that’s comprehensive and well sequenced, so I’ll do it myself.

The Klengel and the Yampolsky books either start at a level too advanced or don’t go through all the keys.  Then they go right into math-rockish technical exercises.  Booo.

My Guiding Principle is:  a cello scale book needs to be based on reasonable cello pedagogy.  Like, obvs.  Another guiding principle is that while I like my own fingerings (because they’re awesome) , other teachers and students might prefer their own.  So each scale beyond a single octave will appear once with suggested fingerings and once without.

Basic Layout:

One Octave Scales

  • Closed Position [D Major, G Major, C Major.]
  • Extended Position [A Major]
  • Half Position [Bb Major]

Two Octaves

  • Major Scales to 3 sharps and 3 flats.  [C, F, Bb, Eb, G, D, A]

Three Octaves

  • Moveable Finger Pattern for all Major Scales (124,124,124,124,134…12,12, 123)
  • Same for all Minor Scales


1 thought on “I’m making a cello scale book

  1. Brendan F Post author

    Edit. Omit Bb Major (half position) under One Octave scales. Don’t know what I was thinking. The point is to introduce open (extended) and closed hand position. Nothing more, nothing less. badow.


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