workin on…

I’m working on a multitracked cello version of daft punk’s “harder, better, faster stronger”, with video.   Doing this has been on the backburner  for at least two years .  I started work again last week but had two frustrating setbacks:  first, the recording done at home with the electric cello didn’t sound rich, and it didn’t lock in and groove enough.  Second, when  I tried it on my laptop at soapbox with better mics  it locked in but…my laptop couldn’t handle more than 8 simultaneous tracks and i had to scrap that version too.   Now I’m just gonna go ahead and use soapbox’s computational resources (dunno why I didn’t go this route the first time).   So yes, coming up soon!  I’ma go ahead and set a deadline for myself. (audible internal gasps!)  Look for it Thursday April 21.


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