new instrument in the corral!

i was at an orange drink show on friday, nodding to the awesome chiptune-esque sounds when i realized that if  i’m to achieve a live electro-acoustic setup i can be satisfied with it needs to include an instrument that makes the most beautiful sound ever.  a sound that when you hear it, you just know.   a sound to end all sounds.   and no, the answer is not the cello.   don’t get me wrong, the cello sounds great.  the tamber is rich, but…but it can’t produce the single most amazing sound ever.   and so, i went on craigslist and bought an autoharp.   actually wrong no.  first i went to andy’s music and spent two hours in the cold basement tuning one of their super-nice autoharps.  then i went on cl and bought one from a guy in logan square.

i installed my fishman transducer pickup, ran it through the fishman pro-eq and backed up the hot signal with 5 watts of tube sweetness from the valve junior and voila.   ripe indeed.

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