Shout out to Darnton and Hersh

I recommend this shop to anyone in need of instrument work.  Cellist Kyra Saltman suggested I take my sick cello to this Adams/Wabash shop instead of to the usual suspects in the Fine Arts Building, and I’m glad I did.

Symptoms were:  Stuffiness.  Choked sound.  Lack of projection.  Too-high string action.

Michael from the shop adjusted the bridge (lowering the string action) and loosened the soundpost, which had become too tight.   Free of charge.   With no-bs explanation of what he was doing.

A healthy buzzing-growl did indeed return to the body of the cello,  and the open strings once again reverberate inside the cello and project outwards for like ten seconds after I play them, instead of the zero seconds of reverberation they had before.   Sympathetic vibration is also back with a vengeance.


Darnton and Hersh Fine Violins

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