Live mic’ing: Science or Art?

8 Dec

Been getting more into micing.  (I wish there was some way to spell the word that actually looks right).   Trying to capture and recreate the experience of being ‘in the audience’ or ‘in the ensemble’,  aurally.   Or even of being ‘at the instrument’.

The art (science?) is perplexing.   A spectre is haunting the issue.  The spectre of phasing.    Phasing affects hall micing and close micing in unique ways.   Experimenting more should help clear up a frustrating problem I’ve been having:  with guitar, if you record multiple takes and pan them L/R, you usually get a bigger sound.   Doing the same thing with cello has been leading to some bizarre cancellation effects, and an overall thinner sound.






One Response to “Live mic’ing: Science or Art?”

  1. moominmammajckf December 9, 2010 at 7:40 pm #

    micing? sounds like cutting up the mice. I prefer Miking, as in Viking. maybe you could add an apostrophe, as in Mik’ng

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