So i was talking with Kevin about Humboldt Park Cello Project, and actually mostly we were bemoaning the state of music appreciation and the lack of serious classical outreach to underserved youth in Chicago and he was saying he’d be down to volunteer an hour or two a week to give free lessons if it was to a student who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate.  So maybe Humboldt Park Cello Project could become Humboldt Park String Project, or even Humboldt Park Music Project…? If a handful of adults could volunteer an hour a week to teach a lesson, and we could collect instruments from donation, I think we could get a pretty cool program going!  What do you think?   Might have to partner with Rumble Arts because there’s no room at Soapbox for a piano.   Well, there’s space but no room in the budget.   I think with myself and the  folks I know we could definitely offer piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello.   Half-hour lesson right after school?     This will be awesome.  What do you think?  Also, does Soapbox need to be a non-profit to ask for donated instruments?

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