Fabulous show

Ironically, it was hot in heaven.   The Heaven Gallery, that is.  And so were the celli.  Organized by the obviously talented and versatile cellist Nora Barton, the eight cellists  performed a series of selections that ran the gamut from Bach to Briggs.

Based on my own past performances, I have a place in my heart for Bach interpretations  and was  therefore thrilled to see the concert opener– an interpretation of the first Bach Cello Suite in G Major.  In their version, each of six cellists took a movement, passing the suite across the stage.   Wasn’t this art at its finest?  Just as the reader of literature, the conductor of orchestras or the viewer of paintings draws from the work something unique to their own perspective, their own past and present, here the the individual performers each interpreted the  notes penned by  Bach over 200 years ago.  They gave us six interpretations, at once ancient and modern — totally in the moment.    Very cool.

Other highlights included two works by younger composers– Taylor Briggs and Matthew Shelton (cello and mbira!),  a fantastic, terribly technical yet beautiful duet by Efrain Amaya, and the finale, Bachianas Brasileiras No 5 featuring all eight celli and soprano Caitlin Shirley.   I’m still singing Villa-lobos’ haunting vocal melody.    Here’s to more cello concerts!

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