Toward a new theory of art

18 Jul

Ok, so this blog is going to be my new home for all things cello.   Waldorf classroom stuff,  uploaded music I’ve made, Humboldt Park Cello Project,  even some pedagogical stuff I’ve been holding in my head, looking for the right medium for, and now believe I’ve found: blog with video.   Or, text-enhanced vlog.  Anyway, expect good stuff.  I’ve been inspired just now by this dude, Ethan Winer.  He’s like, on fire.   He learned cello late in life and made this amazing video, Cello Rondo, with like 37 overdubs.   He has a sprawling web presence.  It’s great.   Anyway, the Eureka moment was when I watched the video and he was using a pencil to hit his strings.   OMG WHY have I never thought to use a PLECTRUM?!? I’ve been frustrated for like 6 years with my inability to make the cello strings speak quickly in pizz./plucking mode.  Answer = PLECTRUM.

.     .      .   DUH!

Like, why do I even want to make music?  Hrm.   Do I?  Yes.   But why exactly?  (From this thought, the pretentious title).

Why have I heretofore been dissatisfied with the music I make, and allowed this dissatisfaction to dissuade me from further creation?

Anyway, I think I haven’t given adequate thought to the ‘why’ of creation.   It may be simpler than I thought, more basic.   More effortless :  using natural languages to create representations of something.   A  something that is rather murky and nebulous, but yes,  that’s it.



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